Gatehouse Montessori School Fees

The following table provides an overview of the Gatehouse Montessori tuition and other applicable fees.  If you need further information or more details, please contact us.  A detailed fee schedule will be provided as part of the application package.

Morning Half Day Preschool $912.00
Afternoon Half Day Preschool $912.00
Extended Day (3 Days) $452.00*
Extended Day (5 Days) $753.00*
Kindergarten Full Day $1,872.00

*Fees are in addition to the Half Day Preschool Tuition.
*Child must be 4 years by December 31st of the start of that school year.
**We accept Cheques, Visa & MasterCard for all payments.

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    Application Fee - $215.00 (New students only)

    • Payable at time of application.
    • Non-refundable.
    • Payable by Credit Card or cheque.

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    Annual (PSC) Activity Fee – $300.00 per Child

    • Payable at time of application.
      (Covers all snacks, projects and special presentations through the year).
    • Payable by Credit Card or cheque.

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    • A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration to confirm enrollment.
    • This deposit will be applied to the last month of the school year (ie. June).

Have questions about fees or tuition?

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