School Overview


Gatehouse Montessori School is non-denominational, not for profit, society which is overseen by an at-arms-length board, dedicated to supporting and maintaining the outstanding quality and reputation the school has enjoyed on the North Shore since 1979.

Gatehouse is led by a caring, experienced Montessori administrator, who nurtures and mentors an equally dedicated Montessori and ECE (Early Childhood Educator) trained staff.

The Board 

Our society is run by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of individuals from past and present parents, as well as the community at large. The Head of School also sits on the board. One parent/guardian of each registered student is considered a member of the Society, as long as they are a resident of British Columbia.

As members of the society, parents are encouraged to attend our Annual General Meeting, normally held during the Autumn at the school. At the AGM, the Board of Directors is officially elected and the society presents its financial statements for the prior fiscal year. This is an excellent opportunity for Gatehouse parents to learn more about how the school is operated and to have input.

Gatehouse Parents’ Association 

The Gatehouse Parents’ Association, a group of interested and supportive parents, meet a number of times a year at the school immediately following drop off. We encourage all parents to attend these meetings when we share ideas on parenting, the activities in the classrooms, fundraising etc.

Beliefs and Values 

At Gatehouse Montessori we strongly believe in the following values:

  • Offering a safe, secure and nurturing community
  • Encouraging a peaceful, courteous and socially aware person
  • Building a strong sense of community for each person, with open honest communication
  • Awakening the child’s potential and imagination
  • Helping children develop self-confidence as independent, self-motivated learners
  • Helping children learn to observe, question, and explore ideas
  • Offering a well maintained authentic Montessori environment