Goals & Mission


Our Goals

Our goal is to nurture the development of the whole child emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically and academically. Through purposeful work in the five areas (Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture) the child achieves their full potential. The prepared environment meets the individual needs of the child which in turn fosters self-motivation, independence, curiosity and social interaction. The teacher is committed to guiding and encouraging a positive learning experience for each child. We strive to maintain open, honest, respectful communication between teachers, administration, parents and caregivers.

Our Mission

Gatehouse Montessori School strives to follow to the Montessori philosophy recognizing and unlocking the full potential in the child.

This is achieved by:

  • Following the Montessori philosophy
  • Recognizing the needs of the child
  • Maintaining the prepared environment
  • Sustaining qualified and dedicated staff
  • Ensuring a well informed parent body